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2017: From left to right: Bernard Ayoola, Joseph Nwibo, Fikre Norcha, Stanley Richard, Ulrich Tsoumou, John Mondi, Darshak Toma, and Mitogo Opira at the February 2017 African Pastors Fellowship.


In 2010, the African students at Calvin Theological Seminary saw the need to start an African Pastors Fellowship. The group met once a month to pray for the spiritual wellbeing of the roughly five or six African Christian "Fellowships" in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The pastors were not only concerned about the social and spiritual health of the African Christians in West Michigan, they also felt the need for the different African ethnic groups to work together with one another and with the non-Africans (Christians and non-Christians) in West Michigan.


Today (2019), there are more than forty African churches or "fellowships" in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The central goal of African Pastors Fellowship has not changed: "To foster the social and spiritual wellbeing of the African Christians in West Michigan through prayer, and collaborative relationship."


African Pastors Fellowship meets at:

African Resource Center

950 28th St SE, Ste 105E

Grand Rapids, MI 49508

For more information on African Pastors Fellowship or on how to attend APF meetings, please send an email to:


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2010: African Pastors Fellowship was formed in 2010 by the African students at Calvin Theological Seminary: Left to right: Mitogo Opira, Bernard Ayoola, Joshua Amaezechi, Stephen Hamidu , John Mondi, and David Fachano.

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2016: From left to right: Bernard Ayoola, Joseph Habineza, Maseruka Ngendahayo, Fikre Norcha, Seun Jonathan, Darshak Toma, John Mondi, Sepa Nashale, and Stanley Richard at the February 2016 African Pastors Fellowship.

2015: From left to right: Bernard Ayoola, Fikre Norcha, John Mondi, Stanley Richard, Malik Amandou, Heaven Amandou, and Darshak Toma, at a 2015 African Pastors Fellowship. 

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